Abeilles Busy Bees

Abeilles Busy Bees was Claudia’s first entry into the corporate Marketing world.

It was a 3 year journey from coordinator to Director of Marketing & Communications.

Prizes & Certifications

During my stay in the hive, we were able to collect many prizes of recognition of years of hustle. 

-Winner Prix ESTim of the Chamber of Commerce of Montreal-East for Manufacturing Business & Finalist for the category Services Business

-Maclean’s Canadian Business top 500 Fastest-Growing Businesses in Canada 

-ECOresponsible certification by the Conseil des Industries Durables, under ECOCERT

-BRCGS grade AA (British Retail Consortium Global Food Standards highest rank)

-Sedex (good work conditions on the whole value chain)

& many more


I had the beautiful responsibility of following all the trainings for our organization to become ecoreponsible & then trained 6 directors to implement action-steps in their departements.

My intern & I also went to Chicago’s Sustainability in packaging seminar and met with top leaders of Target, Walmart, Cosco, Mars & more to find solutions and partnerships in creating sustainable value chains for the food industry.

We collaborated with Transcontinental on the first ever project in North America of recycled (50%) & recyclable plastic film for water bottles with Nestlé. We used the project as a case study and created a webinar to inform colleagues of many industries on our findings (free).

Hiring success

I was at the head of the HR & Marketing team, leading the mass-recruiting campains during the worst employment crisis (Covid-19).

Through marketing campains set up, we hired more than 85 people (minimum wage industrial jobs) in 5 months.

We were also recognized as one of the best employers in the East of Montreal and me & my collegue were asked to participate in an employer best practices panel hosted by PME MTL to share our tips.


We have participated to many events and also hosted our own, here are the top ones I was in charge of : 

-Hiring day with PME MTL 

-Internal hiring local campain day

-Hosting the local Chamber of Commerce event & manufacture visit with local businesses 

-Inviting micro-breweries of Québec-Montréal to collaborate & visit our manufacture 

-Employee Appreciation Day & Christmas parties (125 employees)

-Organizing the Make-a-wish foundation participation to the 48h vélo (18 people, 6 businesses) for Abeilles & Giolong teams.

-Participation of the president to the Desjardins Podcast series on entrepreneurship success.

-and many more


Participating in the renewal of this 35 years old business and moving a manufacture into sustainability was truly life-changing.

Everything was done using very lean budgets and a lot of creativity. 

We have broken all records of marketing and hiring and did the impossible when we were told it couldn’t be done. The social media accounts (facebook, linkedin & youtube were also built almost from scratch & the online reviews were cleaned).

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