Vickie Joseph

The first day I met Vickie was at her pre-gala event. She was wearing bright pink pants & a bold red lipstick. I asked her if she was a fashion model & she told me she was the co-founder of Groupe 3737 with her husband. A giant non-profit business helping black entrepreneurs thrive in Canada. 

I later found out she also designed clothes collections for her brand NU.I by Vickie & is the co-founder & CEO of V Kosmetik, a cruelty-free, inclusive international makeup company, WOW !

This was our first official personal socia media branding contract, helping the world see Vickie as amazing as she is (because she is very humble).

When we first took over her Instagram @vickiejoseph_ she had a mix of photoshoots, family moments, motivational lipsync reels & fashion looks.  She was very inspiring but we felt like her ”core essence” as a business leader and woman empowerment advocate was not being showcased enough.

Today, her page is filled with behind the scenes reels of her many enterprises, key political & entrepreneurial events, motivation & business tips topped with her amazing fashion sense and makeup savoir-faire ! It is the perfect balance between femininity & business. 

Let’s talk numbers 

In the last 90 days, we grew her account 410 followers, had 25 000 in reached accounts and over 231 000 impressions. This was possible, with a little over 3000 followers. Not only is this impressive, but she also now is directly speaking to her target audience (which we uncovered together). 

People are asking for her business consulting skills and it’s not even out as a service yet! The best is yet to come, with her new nomination as the first Black Woman Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of Montreal ! We are ready to soar with her on her new level !

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