Pure Quiétude

Mélissa Aziz is a talented massotherapist with more than 10 years of experience, working in Canada’s top Spas & Hotels. 

She decided to launch her own salon with her clientele, over a year ago. 

When she first came to us, she understood the value of having a strong social media presence but didn’t have a large following and didn’t have time to create content daily. We understood the assignment.

I remember the first time she called us to say ”I got my first client from Facebook ! This works !’‘ She was in utter-belief, social media was not a hoax, it really worked !

At Alchemi Media, we know that a number of followers on a Facebook page does not matter, we still grew hers from a couple people to above 100. 

The strategy we used to grow her local presence was through leveraging existing local groups. At the time, Pure Quiétude (Mélissa’s spa) did not want to invest in ads & had a limited budget. We were still able to get 8-15k reach per day, with under 100 followers. 

The next step was to help her create a client-retaining business model that allowed her to not live paycheck-to-paycheck. We created a 3-tier VIP loyalty program for her clients, with upfront payments to secure her upcoming months.

What’s Next ? 

Today, after 6 months of working together, Mélissa is adding an extra branch of services to her spa and is looking into hiring her first employee. We are so proud of her and are looking forward to continuing this successful partnership.

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