Chiro du Nord reached out to our team because they were preparing to launch their own chiropractic clinic. 

At the time, they were 3 chiropractors moving into a new office, completely remodeled to their liking.

Within the next few weeks, their energy and project was so magnetic, they quickly integrated massage therapists, a receptionist and a naturopath.

Together, they have served over 20 000 patients in their careers and have practiced all over the world.

This was a wonderful project for our team at Alchemi Media and the goal was to be able to carve out a website that reflected the energy we felt in the room with them.

They opted for a completely SEO-optimized website, translated both in French and English.

We also had to keep in mind the target market which was mostly 40 years old and above.

Therefore, the website had to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

It was also important to intergrate their appointment scheduler within the website for easy and quick access to every practitioners’ calendar.

What’s Next ? 

The clinic has opened its doors and clients come in quickly due to a wonderful high-traffic location. We are continuing to support their other marketing incentives for the long term.

Chiro du Nord
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Chiro du Nord
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